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Getting Enough Water?

Many of us find it difficult to drink water. Despite its importance in our lives, we rarely drink enough. Two thirds of our body weight is water. The average adult carries around 40-50 quarts of water … that’s 10-13 gallons of water! Our heart, brain, and muscles are each approximately 75% water. Our blood is […]

Color Therapy

Branches of alternative medicine and ancient cultures have long recognized the power of color therapy to influence the body and the psyche. Chakras Light is a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum surrounding us. The light frequencies are perceived and recognized as color through the eyes and brain. When white light hits a prism it is […]

Parasites In the Human Body

– Are Parasites your problem? – How do I get rid of Paraites? – Cleansing the body The human body is one of the places where parasites breed. They can invade all parts of the body, even the brain. They eat the calcium linings of the bone, the protein coating on the nerves, the tissues […]

Fall is The Optimal Time to Cleanse Your System

The change of seasons in the spring and fall are the optimal times to embark on a detoxification diet. This time honored way to restore optimal functioning to our organs of elimination is utilized to increase energy, mental focus and achieve peak health and wellness. Why should we consider a detoxification diet? Because we are […]

Dr Eve on BraveHeart Woman

Doctor Eve speaks with the panel on anti-aging and rejuvenation. About BraveHeart Woman: Women coming together in the right way can change the world for the better. Social networking for women with purpose and passion is just one way to change the world sooner rather than later. Spread the love:

No More Acne!

Mineral Clay Mask Tired of those unattractive blemishes? This refreshing cleanser is a perfect aid to a relaxing home spa treatment that will energize your skin! I absolutely LOVE this wonderful skin treatment. It contains natural ingredients, even some that are commonly used in prescription acne medication. Use it every day for best results. Spread […]

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