Divine Blueprint Alignment with Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy Crystal Healing

Sound Therapy Crystal Healing

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Doctor Eve

Doctor Eve represents PASSION, CONCERN & LOVE for ALL! She is a gifted Healer, Nurturer.

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  • Rosi

    Greetings Dr. Allen,
    My name is Rosi. We met a the June 14th Earth Expo in San Diego, CA.
    I would like to know where are you locate it? My friend (you met her at the Expo as well) and I would like to know more about the Sound Therapy. How does it work? The price? Where do you do it? Etc.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


    • Rosi, I hope you received my response the other day.
      Please call me when you get a moment … I’ll be happy to discuss with you!

      Best, Dr. Eve***